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The Practice

BHP Architects was formed in 1980 as an architect led design and management practice. Since then the practice has grown steadily to include architects, cost consultants, technicians, interior designer, planning co-ordinators and project managers. The growth and composition of the practice has been carefully maintained to ensure that every project receives the highest standard of design and service with prompt attention to every detail. BHP Architects established an office in Dublin in 2006.

Design Philosophy

At the heart of our practice philosophy is a commitment to working with our client, the end users and stakeholders, at every stage of the project. We believe this close working relationship provides a real understanding of the client's needs and aspirations and ensures that every aspect of the project is carefully considered to provide a building which is functional, accessible, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally conscious, user friendly and uplifting to the spirit.

BHP Architects specialise in the design of buildings for education, leisure, commerce and buildings specifically for use by people with disabilities.

Practice Management

For every scheme a carefully selected professional team is formed around a partner who personally implements concept development and maintains daily management of all stages of the project through to completion. Teams are structured to meet all client deadlines, with rigorous production information and cost control systems, which ensures absolute respect for the design, budget and procurement, throughout every stage of the design and construction period.

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